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What We’re Doing

Shawnee Lodge’s 90th Anniversary Project will be a Adirondack Village at S-F Scout Ranch at the Nim’s Lake Overlook. Together, we will be constructing 3 2-story Adirondacks with a view of Nim’s lake. This project began at our 2021 Fall Reunion with service projects that many took a part in. We will soon have visuals and maps of what the new Nim’s Lake Overlook and our Adirondacks will look like!

How Can I Help?

You can go to our “Fundraising” page on the 90th Anniversary website to see all of our opportunities for fundraising. This includes patches, water bottles, and even recognition on the site!

Our Progress

Ground was broken at the 2021 Fall Reunion. Service projects have been done removing brush in the area. Construction began in June of 2022 and is set to be completed in September of 2022. Information will be available soon for units looking to camp in the Adirondacks.

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